Friday, 14 June 2013

E3: Xbox One VS PS4 opinion

The ultimate console wars! Has Xbox made a bad move? I was hoping to give my overview on the whole situation. I strongly believe that it is a draw. Here are my reasons:

  • Even though the internet are all against Xbox because people tend to follow the bandwagon of hate phenomenon and yes the Xbox did not make it any less easier for themselves with their announcements. People will still buy the new console, it is just how it always is. Same situation happened with EA, people threatened to boycott it, but they still buy every single new game released. 
  • Considering the way Xbox completely eliminated second hand retailers from their systems, people will have no options but to buy the full game if they want to play it. This will result with the full price going to the Xbox and developers and no third party retailer. Even though they might lose a large part of the Xbox audience, it will mostly lose the people who only bought second hand games, thus this does not make a difference.
  • Sony on the other hand are openly admitting the freedom for their customers. Want to buy used game? We don't care, just buy our console please. Their overall gain from getting all of these new Xbox fans to buy their system will increase revenue but they will actually lose money to the developers. 
No matter what, true die hard fans will fight you for their console. 

Personally, I am a PC girl :D

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